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More than 30 art pieces were presented for an “Shark & Art” expo at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, from December 7th 2013 to January 5th, 2014. You will be able to discover some of them right here. Please check also the “Art exhibition & events” for more details!

coque d’iphone
“Surpêche” Version print
Quelques précisions
“Surpêche” la toile finale
N°214 Harmony
N° 215 Baleine baleineau
N° 217 Dance with shark
N° 218 Shark angel
N° 219 Tentacules
N°220 In our hands
N°222 Femme marteau
N°224 Méduses
N°225 Fingers
N° 226 Dreaming
N°227 Poissons pilotes
N°228 LOVE
N°229 L’avion
N°231 Gorgone
N°232 Rascasse
N°233 Poisson clown
N°234 La chasse
N°235 Skull
N° 238 Shark & eye
N°243 Les (vraies) dents de la mer
N° 246 Fireworks
BELI expo - MOM